Detroit Free Press Marathon


To the Detroit Free Press Talmer Bank Marathon infographic.
Here you can find fun facts and information relating to the marathon.

325,299 miles

The combined distance run by all 24,000 participants, enough to reach the moon or go around the earth 13 times.

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160,000 photos

FinisherPix—the official Finish Line photographers—processed more than that number of photos for runners who conquered one or more of the six events.

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152,000 water cups

Along with 49,000 cups of Gatorade, 32.31 total tons of fluids were used.
As a result, 386 porta-johns were on call.

24,100 pretzels

That figure was matched by 24,100 servings of hummus to help tide over the participants. Following the marathon, Forgotten Harvest rescued 20,680 pounds of leftover food.

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23,225 yards of ribbon

Coming out to be about 13.2 miles, the amount used was just a smidge over a half marathon in length.

21,000 goodie bags stuffed

160 volunteers spent 11 hours loading them up, then loaded them into 2.5 semi-trucks en route to the marathon.

11,400 linear feet of barricade

That’s 2.16 miles of crowd-control obstructions used to maintain an orderly procession.

6,671 pounds

The total weight of medals on hand, recognized by Marathon and Beyond as a top 25 design two years in a row in 2010 and 2011.

3,588 participants

At the turn of the century, that’s how many people took part in the Free Press Marathon. As of 2012, the field had grown by 670%.

600 articles of clothing

The number of usable items left behind and gathered by 12 volunteers from the course, which was then given to the Fort Street Presbyterian Church Clothing Collection.

152 feet above

That’s how high runners are elevated above the Detroit River as they cross the 1.6 miles into Canada on the Ambassador Bridge.

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90 feet below

That’s how far beneath the Detroit River runners are as they advance along the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, where they get to experience the only underwater international mile in the world.

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70 different citizenships

From 16 countries and all 50 states, folks from all walks of life make the trip to Detroit to run.

5 kegs

The amount of beer that fueled the two-hour Conquered Afterparty, where food and live entertainment also helped raised $2,700 for Detroit Free Press charities.

1 day

All the effort and resources, planning and organizing, training and triumphs culminate this year at the Detroit Free Press Talmer Bank Marathon, October 20, 2013.

Detroit Free Press Marathon